Where To Go

Deciding where to go in Africa can be a bewildering prospect. There are certain key factors that will help narrow down the choice

Who you’re travelling with

Take into consideration the age and physical fitness of your travelling companions. If you have a young family, for example, you may want to consider a malaria-free game reserve. If you’re older or less able, you may be averse to spending 6 hours a day bumping around in a jeep or kayaking down a river.

When you’re available

How flexible are you? Are you bound by annual work leave or school holidays? How long can you stay? Perhaps you’re celebrating a special occasion – a birthday, anniversary or reunion. All these factors come into play when deciding where to go. At Safari Sun we design a bespoke itinerary so that you travel at a pace that suits you and never double back on yourself.

The type of holiday you’re after

If game viewing is a priority, which type of safari appeals most? If travelling with children, you may want to go by jeep. If travelling as a couple or with friends, how about a walking safari or one on horseback? After your adventure, you may want something more relaxing. Let Safari Sun recommend the perfect beach resort or suggest a city or cultural break. Accommodation is also an important factor. Something quirky or close to nature may be your ideal or you may prefer something luxurious with more facilities.

The must-sees and must-dos

Is there a particular country you’re interested in or are you keen to see the migration? Consider the different landscapes you enjoy – open grassy plains, mountainous regions or lush forests and waterfalls. Perhaps you have a special interest like photography, botany, gastronomy or history? Or a particular hobby such as mountain biking or scuba diving? How important is it for you to see your favourite animals in their natural habitat? Africa offers such diverse environments that, game viewing aside, it appeals especially to birdwatchers. Everyone is different, so find out the must-sees and must-dos of every member of your party.

The reality of your budget

Africa promises an amazing holiday to suit every budget. The cost of your holiday will depend on the level of luxury and exclusivity. You’re likely to pay a premium for private jeeps and personal guides. Excursions and added extras such as hot air balloon rides will also cost more. A night in a camp can vary dramatically depending on whether you’re happy with a bucket shower or prefer to have your own private plunge pool. As for the price of your flight, it will be down to the country of origin, your preferred airline and class of travel.

At Safari Sun we build your holiday from the bottom up depending on your individual needs. Then, if necessary, we tweak the itinerary to bring it within your budget. Rest assured that there are no hidden extras. So consider the above, then give us a call. We’ll advise you on which country would suit you best and explain why.