Charity Trips

Changing the lives of African people

Recce before Kilimanjaro climb

Recce before Kilimanjaro climb

In 2011 Safari Sun was asked to organise a charity climb up Mount Kilimanjaro. We worked in partnership with Ace Africa, a not-for-profit organisation that helps communities become more self-sufficient through long term training and support programmes.

Our guides led 3 groups of 20 climbers (most over the age of 50) along the popular 64km Machame Route to achieve a lifetime goal. Each group had their own leader, doctor and an appropriate number of porters. After rising through the Afromontane Forest, they scaled ericaceous heath, moorland and alpine desert before attempting the glacier clad summit. The incredible journey involved 7 days of hard climbing and 6 nights sleeping in tents on the mountain side.

Testing the bedding before climbing Kilimanjaro

Testing the bedding before climbing Kilimanjaro

Such charities could not survive without the support that others provide. Everyone has their own reason for donating time or money. Some have witnessed a charity’s care and compassion first hand. Others simply support their work on religious or moral grounds. The Mount Kilimanjaro challenge appealed to a certain type of person. As the South African mountaineer, Reginald Pearse, once said:

“When men climb mountains, they go in search of themselves. They seek a mastery of self, mastery over their fears, a greater self-knowledge and an enduring beauty that is not of this world.”

The trip was as much about achieving self-fulfilment as showing goodwill towards others.

The group of climbers managed to raise over £200,000, which is no small feat. The trip was so successful that we repeated it in 2013. Safari Sun only supports charity trips where at least 10% of the funds raised are donated to the African country in which the trip takes place.

Doing your bit for humanity

Whether you climb a mountain, help build a classroom, count endangered animals or participate in a scientific study, your selflessness will be applauded and your contribution gratefully received. Your personal drive and caring, generous nature will definitely benefit others.

At Safari Sun we’re always looking out for opportunities to help those less fortunate and are currently in talks with the leaders of various charitable initiatives. If you would like to help out at an orphanage or work on a wildlife rehabilitation project, please do get in touch. Everybody is welcome – children, teenagers and adults alike.

You can make a real difference. Safari Sun will help by organising your trip and creating an add-on itinerary as a reward for your good deed. Charities will value your support and sacrifice, whether it’s in the form of financial aid or giving up your precious time.