Namibia Holidays

Namibia is a country of endless horizons, of arid landscapes and rugged coastlines. It is a photographer’s dream, offering desolate but beautiful panoramas of wildlife and geological wonders. The Himba tribe in the north and the Owambo people in the east face a constant struggle for survival in one of the most inhospitable environments known to man. Like the flora and fauna, they have had to adapt to their surroundings.

If you have time on your hands, explore the nooks and crannies of this vast, unpopulated country in a 4x4. Or join one of our knowledgeable guides on a flying safari. The light aircraft provides spectacular views of the seal colonies on the Skeleton Coast and the great sand dunes of Sossusvlei. Watch the sun setting over the desert, bathing the dusky sky in burnt orange, vivid red, then deep mauve.

Damaraland offers something special with ancient rock carvings and caves adorned with bushman art. This is where you’ll find the endangered black rhino and herds of desert elephant.Etosha to the north is home to huge salt pans that are fed annually by the flooding of the Kunene River. Animals roam freely, unrestricted by humankind and graze on the diverse vegetation. You’re guaranteed fabulous game viewing as they congregate at the waterholes.

Namibia has a dry climate typical of a semi desert where droughts are a regular occurrence. It is a spectacular country offering something quite different from your typical African safari or beach holiday. The landscape is dramatic, even eerie in places. There is an overwhelming sense of space and a stark, magical beauty.

When to go

Namibia is an all year round destination although November to March can be can unbearably hot. The dry season is ideal for game viewing whereas the wet season is better for scenery, bird watching and photography. Avoid January and February when the heavy rains come.