Madagascar Holidays

Madagascar is unlike anywhere else on the planet. Located off the south east coast of Africa, an early separation from the mainland resulted in the island being blessed with unique flora and fauna.

Madagascar has a dramatic topography with volcanoes, plateaus, forests and natural reserves. The rainforests that drop down from the mountains to the coast are particularly spectacular with tall palisanders, wild ginger plants, orchids, strangler figs and huge bird’s nest ferns. The forests are home to more than 100 types of lemur and 240 different species of reptile, including the smallest and largest chameleon in the world. Of the 15,000 different plant species, 80% can be found only in Madagascar. There are an incredible 850 species of orchids alone and 165 species of palm trees.

The island’s shores offer powder white beaches and azure seas. Explore the underwater world with one of Madagascar’s many dive schools or visit the calm waters of Antongil Bay, a haven for humpbacked whales. Every year 7,000 whales migrate to this beautiful spot to breed, calve and nurse their young.

Madagascar is still relatively undiscovered and tourism is only in its infancy. The original settlers came from Asia, Africa and Europe, giving rise to a culturally diverse people. The local inhabitants will welcome you warmly into their lives, which don’t yet bear the hallmarks of western civilisation.

As you travel through the diverse landscapes that make up this country, you’ll feel as though you’re in a different world. Our guides are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to specific regions or customs of Madagascar. Whether you discover the island on a budget or in luxurious style, it’s one holiday that you’ll never forget.

When to go

Avoid January to March as this is when cyclones hit Madagascar causing severe flooding. The rest of the year brings glorious weather, with the warmest and driest months being July to November.