About Us


Belinda Rattray – founder

Belinda’s love of Africa and her determination to create an inspirational holiday for every client lie at the heart of Safari Sun.

Growing up in the Kwa-Zulu Natal province of South Africa, Belinda enjoyed game viewing from an early age. Her father was a pioneer of eco-tourism and founded MalaMala, an exclusive and privately owned game reserve of international acclaim, which borders the Kruger National Park. He was later awarded the Order of Meritorious Service Gold for his conservation work.

Belinda attended university in Johannesburg before travelling extensively throughout Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. Having worked for a variety of UK and African tour operators, she established Safari Sun in 2000.

“I treat every holiday as if it’s the last a client will have. It must be a heart-stopping adventure, a life-affirming experience. My secret is to get as much information out of each client as possible. Detail makes a difference, allowing me to create an itinerary that is truly bespoke. My advice on where to go and what to do is designed to meet their specific needs and keep them safe.

I don’t aim to be the cheapest tour operator but I do offer genuine value for money. Integrity is important to me and I always pass on any deals that are offered by airlines, lodges or camps directly to my clients.”



Belinda provides a truly personal service that is both professional and prompt. Her passion for Africa is unrivalled – as a child she cared for a pet giraffe called Shorty; as an adult, she’s raised funds to help Cape Town’s homeless children and met President FW De Klerk and the South African novelist, Wilbur Smith. Her unique upbringing combined with her specialist knowledge and the enviable network of contacts she’s accrued over the years make Safari Sun one-of-a-kind within the travel industry.

Dick with Belinda and her family on safari at MalaMala

Dick with Belinda and her family on safari at MalaMala


Dick Seamer – golf organiser

Dick, Belinda’s husband and business partner, has been playing golf for over 50 years. He’s played off scratch for over 40 of them and is currently off 3 handicap.

Dick has played County Golf at all levels and has won many National Team Championships representing Kent. He’s also won individual titles at West Kent, Downe and other local clubs including a record 5 Kent Cobs at Knole Park GC in Sevenoaks. During his victory in 1973, he played the last 9 holes in 8 under par, which earned him a place in the Guinness Book of Records. Dick has also achieved course records at West Kent and Sundridge Park GC. The highlight of his career was playing in the 1981 Open Championship at Royal St. Georges Sandwich when he beat his childhood hero, Jack Nicklaus, in the first round.

Dick made his first trip to Africa in 2010 and instantly fell in love. His enthusiasm for both Africa and golf is contagious.

Our extended family

The success of your holiday once you leave the UK is in the hands of our excellent ground operators. They have all been hand-picked by Belinda and are dedicated to assisting you in any way they can. We have peace of mind when you are in their reliable care, knowing that they respect our high standards of service.

Our local partners employ expert guides who will inspire you with their in-depth knowledge of the area. Only they know where to find the most elusive wildlife and how to identify the many different bird and mammal sounds. Proud and charismatic people, they delight in recounting folklore and sharing the traditions of their community.

Actively supporting responsible tourism

Popular tourist destinations often become victims of their own success. Yet tourism can bring much needed revenue and employment to local economies and actually help to conserve the wildlife. Responsible tourism is about respecting, protecting and sustaining the natural environment and its people.

Safari Sun plays an active role in ensuring tourism has a positive impact on local communities and the beautiful wilderness in which they live. We use camps that are anti-poaching, lodges that support animal sanctuaries and reserves that re-introduce game at risk of extinction. We partner with companies that pay local people a decent wage and we participate in charitable projects to improve their general welfare.

Our aim is for our clients to enjoy nature without harming it. Animals must be able to breed and hunt despite human interruption. Local people must benefit from the income generated by tourism through better health, education and housing.

For 14 years Safari Sun has been a small, independent company that offers a very personal service. We like it that way and so do our clients. We have an extremely loyal following with the majority of our clients returning to visit other regions of Africa and new business coming via word-of-mouth. Discover what Safari Sun can do for you. Call us today on 01689 858158.